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Travelling means not only visiting, but also experiencing a place, its history and traditions, even more so if you are in a fascinating place like Salento. And what better way to discover a land than with the expert help of locals, lovers of their territory and eager to share it with the world?
This is how Il Salento Mio was born, from the idea of two friends, Simone and Paolo, who decided to create this reality to meet the needs of those who visit the Salento, with the aim of making tourism in the Salento more accessible and enjoyable, proposing integrated and customised solutions that can make your stay as unforgettable and comfortable as possible.
Their passion for the area and tourism has led them to create a website and, soon, an app where you can find all the travel solutions, from accommodation to daytime activities, boat trips but also services such as renting beach umbrellas or customised transfers...
The hard work and commitment led to the birth of a genuine instagram page, which we recommend you visit speaks of the Salento area, its people and its traditions in the purest, most transparent and truthful way, thus enabling visitors not only to visit our territory but also to discover the deepest and most traditional nature of the Salento. The reliability and friendliness shown by the founders in this project has even led numerous celebrities to choose Il Salento Mio to organise their stay and to share their experience with all the followers of the page.

Unique tailor-made experiences

If you want to have an authentic holiday experience in the heel of Italy, you have to choose Il Salento Mio, which also differs from all other tour operators in the way the managers organise and plan their experiences with the customer: by talking directly to them. Simone and Paolo believe it is essential to know who is visiting us and to propose the best options based on their needs. All it takes is a message through their communication channels and they will help you find the best travel solution for you.


Book Your Adventure

Choose from these and many others the experience that best suits your needs and prepare to be thrilled and overwhelmed by the authentic and welcoming spirit of Salento. With Il Salento Mio, your trip will become an unforgettable adventure in the heart of one of Italy's most fascinating regions. Book one of the experiences offered by Il Salento Mio and let yourself be carried away by the passion of these guys in telling the story of this land.
Rely on their expert hands and you will have an authentic Salento experience.