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panorama festival - your frame in puglia
About us

Panorama festival

Imagine a place where passion for electronic music meets the enchantment of breathtaking landscapes, where every note played echoes the beauty and culture of a land rich in history and charm. This place is the Panorama Festival, an event that transcends the traditional festival concept to become a true sensory journey through the beautiful region of Puglia, Italy.

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Rhythms and Landscapes

The Magic of the Panorama Festival between Music and Nature

Born from the vision of a group of friends passionate about electronic music and in love with Salento, Panorama Festival has become a reference point for lovers of good music and natural beauty. Our mission is simple: to create an unforgettable experience that combines the energy and dynamism of electronic music with the uniqueness and authenticity of the Apulian territory.


Dream Lineup
Breathtaking location