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11 August 2024

The Martinez Brothers, Chris and Steve Martinez, are two Puerto Rican-born house music DJs and producers who grew up in the Bronx, New York. They started their career at a very young age, guided by their father, a music enthusiast. They quickly gained international recognition thanks to their unique style that blends classic house influences with more modern and urban beats.

Already well known in the New York club scene, their breakthrough came when they started performing in prestigious clubs and international festivals, soon becoming major figures on the circuits in Ibiza and around the world. Their music is characterised by infectious grooves, punchy rhythms and a deep knowledge of dance music culture.

Besides being successful DJs, the Martinez Brothers also run their own record label, Cuttin' Headz, which they use as a platform to promote new talent and explore new musical directions. They are known for their infectious energy at the console, which turns each of their sets into a unique and memorable experience.

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