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11 August 2024

Loco Dice, born Yassine Ben Achour, is a Tunisian-born DJ and producer who grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany. He started his career in hip hop as a rapper and DJ, but turned to electronic music in the late 1990s, becoming one of the most respected names in the techno and minimal scene.

His music is characterised by a unique fusion of hip hop influences and techno rhythms, with a touch of tribal sounds and Mediterranean grooves, which are reflected in his energetic and engaging sets. Loco Dice is known for his ability to create intense and memorable atmospheres on dancefloors, combining innovative mixing techniques with a deep understanding of rhythm and dynamics.

In addition to his DJ career, Loco Dice is also the founder of the Desolat record label, launched in 2007 together with his friend and collaborator Martin Buttrich. The label has become a reference point for techno and house music lovers, promoting new talent and releasing music ranging from deep house to harder techno.

Loco Dice is a regular at the world's most famous clubs and major electronic music festivals, where he continues to make his mark with his dynamic performances and charismatic presence.

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