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11 August 2024

Jamie Jones is a Welsh DJ and producer, born and raised in Caernarfon, Wales. He emerged as one of the leaders of the house and techno music movement in the early 2000s. Jones is particularly known for his distinctive style that mixes elements of house, techno and disco, creating vibrant tracks that defined the sound of a new era of club music.

Founder of the Hot Creations label, Jamie Jones played a crucial role in popularising the genre he described as 'futuristic house music'. The label has been a launch pad for many prominent artists in the electronic music scene. In addition, he is one of the members of the group Hot Natured, whose success has further cemented his status in the music industry.

Jamie Jones is renowned for his live performances, often characterised by infectious energy and impeccable technical skill. His presence is a constant on the billboards of the world's biggest electronic music festivals, where he continues to thrill audiences with innovative and engaging sets.

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