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13 August 2024

Charlotte de Witte, born on 21 July 1992 in Ghent, Belgium, is one of the leading figures in the global techno scene. She began her career as a DJ under the pseudonym 'Raving George' to avoid gender bias in the electronic music environment, but later chose to use her real name, establishing herself firmly in the industry.

Charlotte's music is characterised by a raw, minimalist and powerful techno sound that has won over international audiences. Her style is rooted in a passion for direct, pounding techno rhythms, often enriched with acid elements and hypnotic, dark beats that make her performances and productions distinctive and memorable.

Charlotte de Witte's rise in the techno world has been meteoric. After making a name for herself in Belgium, her career took off internationally, leading her to perform at the world's most renowned festivals and clubs.

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