Untouched nature, breathtaking territories. Sky and sea, where one ends, the other begins. Colors. Shapes.

The sun of that clear orange, still shy, tries to make space in the sky already blue, a slow and sinuous dance that announces the beginning of a new day.

It rises slowly, and becomes more and more yellow, dominant, bright and shines strongly on the green landscapes, heated, a little lifeless. And then suddenly you see it there, burning on the sea, of that blue so beautiful, so unique that you can’t even explain it in words.

It is the beginning of the night, the lights turn on and the music starts, the dance takes up, tireless, happy, unstoppable. The aftermath you will feel like you are seeing all of it in an endless photo, it will be one of those unforgettable views that you will always carry in your heart.

We drew inspiration from the dawn light, the heat of the day, the romanticism of those sunsets you wish would never end and that characteristic shape of majolica of Lecce, which you don’t know what exactly is but you will see almost everywhere and it will fascinate you enough to not forget it anymore.